Resource View: Allow to adjust the text margins

I love the eReader. Excellent job. I frequently use it on my iPad as a convenient way to read through my resources for seminary. However, I would like to have the ability to adjust margin size. For someone who has struggled to overcome mild dyslexia, reading shorter lines where my eyes do not have to track as far across the screen is much easier. Having maybe narrow, medium, and large margin options would allow me to find the right balance on any size device. If I had a second request, it would be related though less important. I would love to have an option for one more level of line spacing to separate the lines just a bit more. A little more space between lines helps me to keep my eyes from jumping up to the previous line. While I would like these primarily for help with a disability, I do think these are features many people would appreciate.

Gregory Aumann posted almost 3 years ago