New Logos Mobile
almost 2 years ago

Logos 10.0 Mobile

Here’s an overview of the new features in Logos 10 on mobile. We’ve worked hard to deliver a consistent experience regardless of the platform you’re on, making it easier for you to continue your study no matter where you are and which device you have with you. Some features will be free for all users and some will be available in paid packages. Check out the feature comparison chart for a full breakdown. 

  • More Tiles on Tablets: New layout modes for tablets allow you to have up to six books and tools on your screen at the same time.
  • New Panel Linking: You can now have up to three link sets (A, B, C) with the option to link resources as follow-only. 
  • Canvas on iPad: You can now create, edit, and save Canvas documents on your iPad!
  • Draw on Screen on iPad: You can now markup your text with pen, pencil and highlighter with several color options. You can copy, share, and save the image to photos or in a new note. 
  • Sermon Manager on iPad: Manage your sermons on the go.
  • Read Aloud: Nearly every resource can now be turned into an audiobook.
  • New Text Selection Menu: Highlighting, note-taking and word information cards have never been quicker to access and easier to use!
  • Print Library Catalog: You can add your print books into your Logos library by scanning their ISBN barcodes from the mobile app. You can search inside those books on the Desktop app.
  • Reverse Interlinears on Android
  • Adjustable Margins
  • Simpler Search: A simpler search syntax and clearer UI makes searching quicker and more intuitive, opening up the power of Logos Search to you
  • Advanced Timeline: A refreshed Timeline makes it simpler for you to focus on the events that matter most and see them in historical context.
  • Popular Quotes on iPad: When writing sermons in Sermon Builder, you will be able to search for helpful quotations that can be inserted into your sermon. 
  • Church History Themes: A combination of a new dataset and resources will help you to understand theology in its historical context. 
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